Creating better financial services through technology


Creating better financial services through technology

Working with progressive clients, technology platform and service partners who are at the forefront of making financial services more effective, agile and safe

Giving something back by creating career opportunities for young people


We are experienced consultants and technologists who have grown up with the FS industry from the pre-internet era into the digital and data driven revolution.


We are next generation technologists and engineers who are passionate about working with the leading platforms in the new stack.


We are all about delivery - for our clients, our partners and our people.


Consulting in the FS industry ecosystem of future technology platforms.

The evolution of today’s digital business landscape requires firms to reinvent to stay relevant and succeed in the new market, at a pace not seen before. Opportunities and threats are emerging from traditional and non-traditional sectors, driving new strategies across the dimensions of clients, competition, data, innovation and value. A new stack of FinTech platform technologies are enabling firms to reinvent their value proposition to collaborate and compete on customer experience, data insights, operational resilience and time to market.


The journey from complex heritage infrastructure to a connected digital business and systems architecture requires orchestration of new capabilities and a new technology stack – across cloud, APIs, data & analytics, digital platforms, cyber tools and fintech integration.
Data driven products and services must be built with the customer at the centre, leveraging across these technology components.
None of this will work without the enabling agile working methods, tools and people programmes to establish a digital first culture.


The pace of change in financial markets is accelerating with emerging FinTech, increasing regulations, and disruptive new business models.
We work with the Appian Low-Code Platform to enable financial institutions to quickly turn great ideas into high-impact business applications and build the digital future, now.


Data driven innovation is at the forefront of the reinvention of FS. The platforms that can aggregate and provide insight from data sources across the enterprise are driving the new business models.
We work with Quantexa, connecting internal and external data to uncover hidden relationships and behaviours to power next generation enterprise intelligence.


Operational resilience is both a regulatory requirement and fundamental to the trust relationship that FS firms have with their clients.
How do firms collect, categorise and catalogue accurate data from across their systems infrastructure in order to measure and monitor all their cyber controls? We work with leading controls platform Panaseer to implement continuous controls monitoring, from the ground up.



NextWave is working with clients from across Financial Services and wider to compete and prosper in the digital marketplace.


We believe that technology agility creates business agility.


If you are embarking on the next stage of your digital journey and wondering who can help you navigate the industry and technology ecosystem then we should talk…


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